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03 Haziran 2009

RSAR 245

BW sisteminde veri çekme sırasında alınan RSAR 245 Program üretilemedi hatası ile ilgili olarak Problem: When i was loadin the data into an Infoobject ,the load failed and the error it is showing as Error in the program.When i more investigated it,the system gave two options either to activate the transfer rules(transfer rules are already activated) or search in SAP note system: RSAR 245 Can […]

19 Ocak 2009

A critical program error has occurred. BEX Analyzer

Problem: A critical program error occurred. The program has to close. Please refer to the trace for further information. Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.Process id=0x7b8(1976), Thread id =0x3d4Click OK to terminate application. click CANCEL to debug the application. marshaling .NET type System.Byte[] to RFCTYPE_BYTE error I am trying to execute a query through BEx Analyzer and i am getting the […]

19 Ocak 2009

Deleting PSA (SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI 7.0)

How can I delete around 700 PSA automatically, of a single Datasource? I would not like to do it manually!! SOLUTION Including the deletion of requests from the PSA in process chains You are in the plan view of the process chain in which you want to insert the process variant. … 1. To insert a process variant for deleting requests from the PSA in […]

19 Ocak 2009

How to start Disp+Work.Exe Dispatcher

I install SAP NetWeaver 7.0 ABAP Trial Version . But when start sap management console “Disp+Work.Exe stop” and i am not able to connect through sap login. How can i solve this problem plz guide me. I Restart the database and Disp+Work.Exe is running but after some time this error message showing “disp+work.EXE has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for […]

18 Eylül 2007

start_sts2.htm https problemi (İngilizce)

BW BPS_STS_START – Yürüt çalıştırınca bsp hatası https düzeltmesi aşağıdaki gibidir. Problem: * when we try to use start_sts.htm (now start_sts2.htm) we have problems with login: First – SSO required, when we set necessary parameters, we got https required Did you pass throw that? How did you solve this issues? * Hi, I am customizing the STS while doing this I had an error of […]

29 Haziran 2007

How to create mass users?

Topluca kullanıcı yaratma veya blokaj kaldırma, rol atama için; Dear Gurus, How to create mass users? and how to apply authorization objects to all of them at the same time ? ThanQ. •    Hi You can create mass user SU10. And you also create new user su01 Awards point if help full Thanks Pankaj Kumar •    Dear Pankaj, ThanQ for you reply. Please let me […]