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06 Mart 2007

Removed from list of loadable targets not loadable

Problem: •    Hi Gurus, I am working on BI NW 2004’s. Error Message: 1)DataTarget “HRPA_C01″removed from list of loadable targets,not loadable. 2)DataTarget “HRPA_C01” is Transactional and is on ‘Planing mode’. I had a cube (0PA_C01) for this it has 2 Infosouce (0HR_PA_1,0HR_PA_0) when i load data through info pack it is showing that (HRPA_C01) is remove from the list loadable target. But HRPA_C01 is another […]

01 Şubat 2007

Table for SAP Menu and Favourites

SAP kullanıcılarının favorilerinin tutulduğu tablo; •    hi when we logon to SAP in the left hand side pane there is SAP Menu and our Favorite Transactions that we have added can somebody tell me where these are stored, what is the table name…. i have some requirement of finding this out user wise. i hope u guys understand… •    The favourites are stored in the […]

01 Şubat 2007

How to view given authorization on particular user

Bir transaction’ın kullanım yetkisinin kimlerde olduğunun görülmesi; •    Can any one tell me how to check authorization for perticulat T-Code ,i.e who is authorised to use it. •    Hi! Is there a table or report that tells me what roles each users has? For example, user ABC has the roles Z_DEVELOPER and Z_CONFIG_DISPLAY. I would like the role displayed and not the profile (T_UDxxxxxx). But […]

01 Şubat 2007

How can i find the datasource?

BW de aktifleştirilecek datasource’un hangi veri alanlarını(field) aktifleştireceğinin görülmesi; •    Hi Gurus, We have a scenario of extracting Y Reports in R/3 to BW. i have documented set of tables which behind the each Y reports. Now how can i indentified the standard datsources from the set of tables. •    how to find the corresponding database table for the specific data source fields? •    You […]

01 Şubat 2007

Output types in which output determination precedure

SAP R/3 formları üzerinde ekleme-düzenleme yapmak için; •    How can I find out very quickly which “output types” are assigned to output determination precedure ? Is there a dictionary table or onother way to descry it? And my second question is: which sales document, Shippment, Transport etc. is allocated to which output determination precedure? •    I would like to locate the print programs and the […]

01 Şubat 2007

Table for Transactions

Question: which is the table which stores all the transaction codes? Answer: The following tables hold all SAP transactions: Table TSTC stores all transaction codes and their respective ABAP program. Table TSTCT stores the text (or description) for each transaction.