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01 Şubat 2007

How to view given authorization on particular user

Bir transaction’ın kullanım yetkisinin kimlerde olduğunun görülmesi; •    Can any one tell me how to check authorization for perticulat T-Code ,i.e who is authorised to use it. •    Hi! Is there a table or report that tells me what roles each users has? For example, user ABC has the roles Z_DEVELOPER and Z_CONFIG_DISPLAY. I would like the role displayed and not the profile (T_UDxxxxxx). But […]

01 Şubat 2007

How can i find the datasource?

BW de aktifleştirilecek datasource’un hangi veri alanlarını(field) aktifleştireceğinin görülmesi; •    Hi Gurus, We have a scenario of extracting Y Reports in R/3 to BW. i have documented set of tables which behind the each Y reports. Now how can i indentified the standard datsources from the set of tables. •    how to find the corresponding database table for the specific data source fields? •    You […]

01 Şubat 2007

Output types in which output determination precedure

SAP R/3 formları üzerinde ekleme-düzenleme yapmak için; •    How can I find out very quickly which “output types” are assigned to output determination precedure ? Is there a dictionary table or onother way to descry it? And my second question is: which sales document, Shippment, Transport etc. is allocated to which output determination precedure? •    I would like to locate the print programs and the […]

01 Şubat 2007

Table for Transactions

Question: which is the table which stores all the transaction codes? Answer: The following tables hold all SAP transactions: Table TSTC stores all transaction codes and their respective ABAP program. Table TSTCT stores the text (or description) for each transaction.