06 Mart 2007

Removed from list of loadable targets not loadable

ile Yunus KALDIRIM


•    Hi Gurus,

I am working on BI NW 2004’s.
Error Message: 1)DataTarget “HRPA_C01″removed from list of loadable targets,not loadable.
2)DataTarget “HRPA_C01” is Transactional and is on ‘Planing mode’.

I had a cube (0PA_C01) for this it has 2 Infosouce (0HR_PA_1,0HR_PA_0)
when i load data through info pack it is showing that (HRPA_C01) is remove from the list loadable target.
But HRPA_C01 is another cube for this UpdateRules are (0HR_PA_1,0HR_PA_0), HRPA_C01 cube is not appearing in datatarget list in Info package.where this target is missing?
What is the solution for this Error.

Thanks in advance.
•    Hi Raju,

Go into the context menu for your cube in the RSA1 view.
Choose “Switch real-time infocube”. Put the setting to “Real-Time InfoCube Can Be Loaded with Data; Planning Not Allowed”.
Are you sure you want to use a real-time infocube for
HR personel data loading ? Yes