19 Ocak 2009

A critical program error has occurred. BEX Analyzer

ile Yunus KALDIRIM


  • A critical program error occurred. The program has to close. Please refer to the trace for further information.
  • Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.Process id=0x7b8(1976), Thread id =0x3d4Click OK to terminate application.
    click CANCEL to debug the application.
  • marshaling .NET type System.Byte[] to RFCTYPE_BYTE error
  • I am trying to execute a query through BEx Analyzer and i am getting the error:”System Exception thrown while marshaling RFCTYPE_CHAR to .NET type“, error occured while communicating with the BI server. As a result, the system has been disconnected from the BI Server.I was able to execute the same query through Query Designer and also see the output. Output had around 2000 pages. And i executed it through RSRT also, without any problems.
  • A critical error has occured while opening workbook. The issue is that the same workbook is opening in some one machine but not in others.The following Dialog box is poping out when tried to open workbook:”A critical program error has occured.The Program will now terminate.Please refer to trace for further information.”
    However,i did the full updation of service pack3 of MS Excel 2003 on my machine and the same version as on that particular machine(on which workbook is opening). The problem is still there.Please provide some solution.
  • I have designed a query in BI 7.0 which on checking shows Query is correct, but when I am trying to see the report in Analyzer “critical program error…..follow trace…..system had to close” thuis error comes.I don’t understand where I have made a mistake.How can I find out the error. where to see error trace or log.please help.It’s urgent.
  • We have recently upgraged the SAP GUI to 710 Patch 6
    Excel on Excel 2003 SP2
    BW is on SAP_BW at 700 and Support pack level 15
    When we open workbooks for upgrade some workbooks upgrade without any errors and some workbooks give me an error “A CRITICAL PROGRAM ERROR OCCURRED. The program has to close.Please refer to the for further information”.
    We dont have any information of ST01 trace and ST22 short dumps
    We are trying to open the workbooks with authorization profiles SAP_ALL
  • Hello. I saw several posts with a “Critical program error” message in new BEx Analyzer 7.0 when try to run query ir workbook, but have not seen any answers to them.
  • When I look into the trace file BexAnalyzerTrace_<session_id>.txt (attached) in my temp directory, I see following:

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: File or assembly name BExCompression, or one of its dependencies, was not found.
File name: “BExCompression”   at com.sap.bi.et.analyzer.api.BExApplication.DeSerializeApplication(String iString)
at com.sap.bi.et.analyzer.addin.BExExcelApplication..ctor(String iWorkbookName).

But I cannot find any further reference to BExCompression.


I was facing with this problem too.
After lots of messaging with OSS .I take a note number. 1179647

Apply this note. And than I suggest you installing latest SAP Gui 7.10 with BI addon 8.x and Office 2003 with KB907417.  If you don’t want to apply note. Don’t upgrade gui up to, bi710sp04p_401-10004472.exe So you will always face this problem.

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