01 Şubat 2007

How to view given authorization on particular user

ile Yunus KALDIRIM

Bir transaction’ın kullanım yetkisinin kimlerde olduğunun görülmesi;

•    Can any one tell me how to check authorization for perticulat T-Code ,i.e who is authorised to use it.
•    Hi! Is there a table or report that tells me what roles each users has? For example, user ABC has the roles Z_DEVELOPER and Z_CONFIG_DISPLAY. I would like the role displayed and not the profile (T_UDxxxxxx). But is there another table that shows what the corresponding profile is for each role?
•    Use SUIM / USER / User By Comp. Sel. Crit. / By Transaction Auth.
You should get a list of all Users able to execute that transaction

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