17 Temmuz 2013


ile Yunus KALDIRIM

st22 üzerinde alınan load_program_class_mismatch  veya LOAD_PROGRAM_INTF_MISMATCH dumplarının çözümüdür.


The program “CL_IM_CVI_ADDRESS_UPD_IMPL====CP” uses the interface version 20120911131848.

The program “CMD_EI_API====================CP” uses the interface version 20120921140355.

The internal session was started at 20120921213158.



It  means The program “CL_IM_CVI_ADDRESS_UPD_IMPL====CP” uses the interface version: 11.09.2012 / 13:18:48

The program “CMD_EI_API====================CP” on the other hand uses the more current version :21.09.2012/ 14:03:55

also check in st22 whether the dump only occurs on one server.

1. regenerate “CL_IM_CVI_ADDRESS_UPD_IMPL====CP” so that it also uses the newest version.

2. If several servers are “affected” according to St22, then generate the program on any server. If the problem is not solved afterwards, start all application servers to delete the buffers


** Please take care about on which server dump occurs! This is really important. And press “suggested solution “in st22 transaction to solve problem.