18 Eylül 2007

start_sts2.htm https problemi (İngilizce)

ile Yunus KALDIRIM

BW BPS_STS_START – Yürüt çalıştırınca bsp hatası https düzeltmesi aşağıdaki gibidir.

* when we try to use start_sts.htm (now start_sts2.htm) we have problems with login:
First – SSO required, when we set necessary parameters, we got https required

Did you pass throw that? How did you solve this issues?
* Hi,
I am customizing the STS while doing this I had an error of HTTPS service is not active.
Per the note 984708, 761388 and 517860 I have done the Setting for Service Tunguska in the system (Setting it to SSL).

When I am testing the URL, the system Pop-up the Login window subsequently whaen I am giving all the details (Sys Name, Pass word…) the Screen halts for Hours and does not move to next screen.

Can some one help me in solving this ?? do I need to do some more settings for Tunguska service ??


Thanks in advance,

Solution :
In the Se80 select tunguska->start_sts2.htm, in the tab attributes uncheck “HTTPS”.