05 Eylül 2009

Maintain conversion factors for USD / EUR (currency type M problem

ile Yunus KALDIRIM

BW’da veri çekerken alınan bu hata ilginçtir. 2lis_13_vditm çekilirken bu hatayla karşılaşanlar çözümü konusunda uğraşabilirler.


  • We are loading 2 data sources (2lis_11_vaitm, 2lis_13_vditm)data in to ods then in to cube. In the UR of ods to cube we wrote some logic to convert to local currency.

When I load the data of vaitm in to ods and then update to cube works fine. But when I load the data of vditm and update to cube am getting the below error:

Maintain conversion factors for USD / (currency type M

Maintain conversion factors for CAD / (currency type M

Can any one please advice what is this means , I loaded lots of data with currency conversion to many different currencies in BI , Only few data packs are giving me this error. Where to maintain the conversion factors ? and what date should i maintain ?

  • When Iam loading the data to a cube from DSO Iam getting an error message in SM58 as

    Maintain conversion factors for USD / (currency type M)


Go to BW–>RSA1–>Source system–> right click on R/3 system and select transfer global settings
If this translation ratio is maintained in R3 it will come in BW as well…

Also , In R/3 maintain the conversion factors for both ends USD to EUR as weel EUR to USD,

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