05 Eylül 2009

Version A of Multiprovider ZXXXXXX does not exist problem

ile Yunus KALDIRIM

BW’da yeni eklediğiniz Multiprovider için anlamsız bir şekilde Zxxx çoklu sağlayıcı aktif değil hatasının çözümü ile ilgilidir.


  • I define MP’s structure, based on two BI Content cubes (both cubes are active, with active dataflow defined)

I assign characteristics and keyfigures
I save the MP (that works)
I try to activate it and —

I get the “Version A of MultiProvider XXXXX does not exist” error message

Now I know it doesn’t, after all, that’s why I want to activate it in the first place – to put that MP into A version :)

Would anyone have any suggestions?

  • I have created a multiprovider which includes Info cube and DSO, in the object assignment also i have assigned all the objects required from both the objects. When i checked the object there is no issues and saved the object, but facing the issue while activating the mutiprovider. Please find below is the message which i got:
    Version A of MultiProvider ZXX_XXX does not exist

    Any inputs will be appreciated.

  • A MultiProvider cannot be activated. However, no error message appears. No error message appears even when you check the MultiProvider.


This is due to a program error that occurs only in Support Package 18. Apply the OSS number. 1169902