07 Eylül 2015

SAP CRM PU 808 , AM842 Error Solution

ile Yunus KALDIRIM

SAP CRM sisteminde karşılaşılan aşağıdaki hatanın çözümü için adımlar anlatılmaktadır.

System has below st22 dumps
– ADRC AM 842

system has below sm21 logs,
– Transaction Canceled PU 808 ( SZA0_LOG.TXT )
–  PU 808 , No authorization to change file


You should check ADRNR number range in CRM system. Possibly it has come to end and return to beginning. You can compare ranges with ISU system.It should be identical ranges between two systems. 140212 note refers to a z-program for finding last number in adrc adrp adcp tables in CRM. But easily you can give last range+1 to number status after corrected ranges.
This will solve your problem.