09 Eylül 2015

IBSSI_CRMTO_MESSAGES 17 ve 18 Hatasının Çözümü

ile Yunus KALDIRIM

CRMde bağlantı nesnesi veya POD replike ederken aşağıda alınan hataların çözümüdür.


  • Validation error occurred: Module VALIDATE_MSGBDOC_FOR_CONNOBJ

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    , BDoc type SI_CONNOBJ.

  • Validation error occurred: Module VALIDATE_MSGBDOC_FOR_POD, BDoc type SI_POD.



Run program CHECKFOR_COS_WITHOUT_IBASE and program will list problematic records. You can delete missing entries with shift+f2 after selected item in result list. It’s kind of correction program. If you have millions of records you should z-custom this program because of timeout problem. But you can analyse which records has problem if you run in background without timeout problem. But it’s not possible to delete or correct problematic records if you run in background.

*Absolute reason is behind the dump.Check st22 for problem. Correct it and re-download object. 


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